Eyelights Grips.

Experianced Grips and equipment Hire.

Our grip department offers a wide range of equipment for use on location or studio based productions.

Quotations can be provided for single item hire, or complete equipment and labour packages, covering short or long term projects and installations. One off custom built rigs can also be made to order for specialist applications.
We supply key grips, grips, crane technicians and equipment to suit your requirements. Dollies, cranes, mini jibs, car rigs, in fact we have the solutions to mount your cameras anywhere and create the camera movement required with our extensive range of equipment and experienced and highly skilled personnel.
Our NVQ Qualified grips work to a high standard on a wide range of productions from feature films, commercials, documentaries,tv drama and the corporate sector.



Ladder pods

Bazooka kits

Gas Bazookas


Paddle mounts

Moy-boss-bowl adaptors 

Mini jibs 

Flat bed dollies


Wheel chair dolly

Wedges, paganinnis 

Apple boxes 

Rigging kits 



Ride-on Cranes

Giraffe classic 3000

Giraffe Compact  

Steady-cam Platform 

Remote Cranes/Jibs

Techno cranes 

Giraffe classic 3000

Giraffe compact

Scanner crane/jib arm

Jan Jib (modular jib)

Remote Heads and Controls 

G50 Stablized Head

Scorpio mini 

Key Head II   (pan bar control option)

Chapman peewee

Chapman Hybird 

Fisher 10

Fisher 11

Elemack  cricket 

Flat bed/skateboard dollies

Porta glide Speed skates/troughs

Dolly transporter trollys

Rickshaw with easy-rig attatchment 

Sand buggy


Moy straight track

8,6,4,2 and 1 ft lengths 

Moy curved track 

16ft inside diameter 

Narrow gauge track 

8,6,4,2ft lengths

Egripment track

8,6,4 ft lengths 

Egripment curved track

16ft inside diameter 


Ronford Baker 

Panther Sliding ubangi  

Camrail 5ft and 10ft (bowl fitting)


We only use professinol tracking vehicle specalists with years of experiance and expertise.




Low loaders

Tracking vehicles 

Universal car mount kits

Bonnet / roof mounts

Side door mounts

Triple limpit (bowl fitting)

Limpet mount Kits for DSLR 

Low loader and tracking vehicle rigging

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